About Morgan

My first computer was a 3 mhz MicroBee computer my grandfather gave me when I was 5 years old. This was the beginning of my life-long passion with technology. I’ve grown up with it and consider it an integral part of modern life & business.

I have almost a decade of experience in administration and support roles which has provided me with a wide range of technical skills and expertise. I consider myself a strong generalist with some specialisation in Microsoft environments, Linux/OSS, Storage (SAN & NAS), vSphere and supporting development teams.

My working history has been in a diverse range of business environments. I’ve worked for 3 employee start-ups to working in 12 person teams providing support to large government departments. My responsibilities have ranged from providing internal support for SMEs, supporting B2B web applications/services and representing managed services companies as a technician. This diverse exposure has provided me with business acumen. I find business strategy naturally interesting and always try to reflect on and implement company objectives, positioning & values.

My goal is to secure a position where I can continue to apply my trade and hone my skills. My career passions are analysing complex problems, implementing robust systems and working with people. My ideal role is in an organisation that has a positive culture and can assist, where possible, to my future career development.

I am A+, Network+ and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certified. I have also completed courses in SAN storage & programming which assists with any automation & scripting tasks that I have.

I work well autonomously and in teams. I consider myself an outgoing person and when appropriate prefer face to face communication as opposed to a lot of back and forth e-mails.

I think it’s important to be challenged by your role in some capacity to keep yourself growing as a professional and keep your work interesting.  At this stage of my career I try to stay focused on the “big picture” objectives of my role and not get caught up in the details which I have a tendency to do. That said, I find work where I can take ownership and “sink my teeth” into a complex technical challenge or project the most rewarding.

I believe it’s important to participate in the wider IT community. I respond to questions on online technical forums if I can help and donate to community projects I want to see succeed: 

A total of $55 to the ESOS project (Enterprise Linux storage!).
A total of $48 to the Wikimedia project (Wikipedia).
A total of $22 to the Fonline: 2238 project (Game project).
A total of $20 to the FreeBSD project (One of the most solid OSes of all time).
A total of $20 to the ReactOS project (This project is a promising Windows compatible clone).

My personal interests and hobbies are TV, music, and fitness.  I’m also not adverse to the occasional video game.