Key achievements during Gameloft Australia:

- Investigated and implemented integration between task tracking software (JIRA, Hansoft, internal system).

- Worked to met requirements from both local studio and Gameloft Headquarters.

- Upgraded Apple development infrastructure to meet Gameloft and Apple’s changing development requirements.

- Performed major server room documentation and clean-up project.

- Maintained and monitored key development servers and tested backups.

- Identified cost savings by leveraging visualization of server and desktop environments.

- Supported local developers, designers and artists desktop environment – including Apple OS X (Mavericks to El Capitan), XCODE/Apple development environments, Autodesk and Adobe products, Windows, Office and visual studio,

Key achievements during Ambient-IT (AIT):

- Provided administration & support to hundreds of SMEs in the SE QLD region.  Popular technologies supported were Windows, Exchange, Linux (mail servers), OS X environments.  The support included remote and on-site support.  My role was to deliver service end-to-end including billing, sales and documentation.  Technologies used to facilitate client management were Kaseya & Connectwise.

- Provided administration & support to hundreds of web hosting customers on the AIT infrastructure (Plesk & cPanel).  This included close work with billing, web site migration, CMS upgrades and malware removal.  During my time at AIT I was the principal designer and administration of 3 new web servers.

- Administered and supported AITs cloud hosting infrastructure including terminal services, mail hosting (Exchange and linux mail), Bitdefender A/V, spam filtering and VMWare vSphere.

- Assisted in a major infrastructure upgrades for AIT infrastucture including Dell MD Storage and vSphere.

Key achievements during SEGA:

- Implemented AirWatch Mobile Device Management Solution and revamped wireless Infrastructure with Cisco Aironet Products in response to changing studio priorities.

- Performed storage analysis/audit, archived stale data, highlighted current risks and scoped upgrade paths.

- Performed thorough hardware, network and software audits to generate starting point for documentation & processes; I continued to build on this to have complete procedures.

- Implemented help desk and asset management system & enforced procedures; Also responsible for provisioning & rollout of new hardware.

- Wrote/maintained/executed complex custom scripts to implement additional functionality into Atlassian Confluence to fulfill HR/performance management requirements.

- Decommissioned the office/services/technology environment at office closure & helped ensure the data could be recovered at other international studio.

- Performed VDI/remote protocol research and benchmarks with the end goal of facilitating off-site work of high performance 3d applications.

- Assisted in a major DRS & Business Continuity revamp project involving major changes to power infrastructure & backup systems.

- Assisted in implementing new AD domain on new vSphere cluster and decommission the redundant setup.

Key achievements during Vision6:

- Supported popular SaaS product used by thousands of businesses via phone & internet.

- Proven track record of providing a high level of customer service and resolving difficult technical issues. Quickly became the “go to” guy for some high profile clients with complex set ups.

- Educated & assisted clients by documenting procedures to help them use the software in simple and accessible steps. I was proud to help clients and make them feel supported.

- Created & updated internal documentation/KB articles to be used by other support staff.

- Improved efficiency of support department by identifying repeat customer issues and ensuring resources were available & accessible so they may resolve the issue.

- Improved customer satisfaction by reporting bugs to the development team, keeping stakeholders in the communication loop and suggesting workflow/UI enhancements.

- Initiated a project to improve efficiency of existing KB by auditing hundreds of articles, making edits and removing redundant/lesser quality articles.

- Developed a non-destructive row merge excel macro to be used when requested by customers (combined duplicate records of customer data where each record had differing data).

- Developed a VBS/HTA application to export report/emails from the system for archiving purposes.

- Fixed issues with thousands of HTML/CSS e-mails.

Key achievements outside of Work/Informal:

- Found a bug in FreeBSD head revision regarding high performance ‘Mellanox’ VPI equipment.  Reported to Mellanox & FreeBSD team and tested the fix.  See “tested by” field in this commit.

- Setup high performance home SAN/NAS using combination of customer ESOS build, off the shelf enterprise hardware and refurbished high performance fabric equipment.

- Maintained from 2008 to 2012.  Updated prices, information, event information, added elements and SEO/Site reach improvements.